Somatic teamed up with Big Breakfast, AMV BBDO and Google to give the internet exactly what it wants…more KITTENS! This original series for Whiskas cat food is the corner stone of the brand’s strategy for the coming year; more than just funny cat videos, “Kitten Kollege” educates kittens and owners on topics such as neutering, feeding, and proper social behavior. Somatic was brought on board to provide editorial services and produce the series’ visual effects.

Bringing the world of Kitten Kollege to life was no small task. Kittens are extremely susceptible to disease and must be shot individually to ensure they remain in good health – this makes almost every shot a VFX shot, and Somatic was tasked with creating all of them. From pre-production, to on-set supervision, and through final compositing, we worked closely with the creatives at Big Breakfast and AMV BBDO to produce over 200 VFX shots for the project. Check out our VFX breakdown video below, and view the full campaign at www.youtube.com/whiskasuk.



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