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If there is anything we know about Millennials it’s that: 1) They refuse to turn their phones sideways to watch video properly, and 2) They have the attention span of a goldfish. These two truths are the backbone behind “Ya Gold!”, the creative advertising campaign that Rold Gold Pretzels entrusted to Electus Digital and Facebook’s Creative Shop. With experience working in new and untraditional platforms, Somatic was asked to provide editorial and motion graphics for these vertically stacked, bite-sized, snippets of inspiration. We completed 8 unique videos that were rolled out directly to the Facebook feeds of targeted audiences.
“Designed to give millennial women quirky pep talks to help tackle the afternoon slump, this novel News Feed video hack delivers content in a clever way. The autoplay video expands from a square to a full screen vertical video when tapped, something not seen before in this advertising platform.” (source: PR NewsWire Oct. 29,. 2015)

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